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Needed Repairs

An Amherst, Virginia Historical Landmark

We vow that every penny donated will go directly towards the restoration of the mill.

Brightwell's Mill has been a staple for Amherst and Nelson counties for decades. Offering not only a place for the trading of grain and other agricultural products, but as a sort of second home for local farmers and their families. Preserved in its historic walls are the customs, and very essence of southern agricultural life. The Mill also stands out as one of Amherst County's few education-rich destinations, offering not only touring opportunities, but also experiences reminiscent of an era where food was not simply bought at a supermarket, but grown, harvested, and sold within the community.

Why Donate

Today the mill is still holding strong, with the support timbers, floor joists, and flooring that had been in poor shape having been replaced. Our most recent project - the restoration of the chicken house - is well underway. Following the completion of the chicken house, we will move onto the repairs that are needed for the concrete dam, which is sure to be a labor of love!

Brightwell's Mill is private property, meaning that no contributions will fall under part 501(c)(3).

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Brightwell's Mill is a family owned and maintained property, funded directly by contributions from people like YOU​.

Brightwell's Mill

Celebrating 100 Years!