A Living History

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Our History

Brightwell's Mill has been a staple of the Lynchburg area since before the 1820's, having been rebuilt in the August of 1942 following historical flooding, which breached the dam, and destroyed most of the mill. Since its establishment, it has served the farmers of the surrounding counties, namely Amherst and Nelson, with completely water powered, stone ground flour and mixed feed; hoping to carry on the history of the mill and to help remind people of a simpler time, when men survived off of the Earth's bounty.

An Amherst, Virginia Historical Landmark

Celebrating 100 Years!

Watch as Lauren Shank and Austin Candler, students at Amherst County High School, perform "A Living History" of Brightwell's Mill. Taking the roles of Mr. and Mrs. Brightwell, the original owners and operators of the mill. This video offered a unique opportunity for us at Brightwell's Mill, as it allowed us to work with the community to create something truly special and remarkable while also helping us share the mill's importance and historical significance within our community.

Clear Water Branch
ACHS Tech Club
Lauren Shank & Austin Candler

Brightwell's Mill