Brightwell's Mill

Why Donate? 

     Brightwell's Mill has always been a staple for the Amherst and Nelson communities. It was a place where local farmers could come and hang out on Sunday afternoons, as well as trading grain for flour. Preserved in its deteriorating walls, are the customs, and very essence of southern agricultural life. Educationally, the mill can stand as a great place for children to visit and possibly tour. They will learn just what it was like to grow up in an era where you couldn't just go to the supermarket for food, so you had to look to mills for the processing of grains. These things however, can not be accomplished with out your support.  


Repairs Needed

Our Choices are simple:Do Nothing and the mill will fall-in, or take the necessary steps to restore it. 

Help Us Preserve History

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Preserving a historical landmark of Amherst, Virginia

     Today the mill is in need of some urgent repairs. The foundation is still strong, but structural support beams along-side the waterwheel and nearest the dam have deteriorated. One main beam under the floor also needs replacement. This deteriorating beam has allowed the floor to sink with the weight of the millstone that weighs about 2,500 lbs.